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Supplement FAQs

For additional questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our team at shop@galvestondiet.com.


How do I manage my subscription?

Click Here for a step-by-step guide that shows you how to manage your subscription account.

Why was I charged twice for the same order?

You may see a pre-authorization charge that may or may not have included tax before a final total. Upon final charge, the tax was determined and then adjusted accordingly. The adjusted amount was then authorized and captured as payment. The pre-authorization should drop off your payment method shortly after the final authorization. If it doesn't, please let us know by contacting shop@galvestondiet.com.

Where is my order? 

If you are concerned about the delivery of your order, please email our success team at shop@galvestondiet.com. If your package shows that it is "Delivered," but you do not have it in hand, please give it a day or so to show. There is a high probability that it will arrive safely.

Do you sell Magnesium?

We currently do not sell a Magnesium supplement. Dr. Haver uses a magnesium supplement called Neuro-Mag L-Threonate by Life Extensions. 

Will taking the supplements break my fast, especially if I am practicing intermittent fasting? 

Our Fiber GDX, Omega 3 + Vitamin D & K, and Sparkle Collagen all have calories and could break your fast. If you are practicing intermittent fasting we recommend taking your nutritional supplements after you have broken your fast. 

FAQ by Supplement


How do I take the Fiber GDX?

  • We recommend getting as much fiber through whole foods (25-35g) each day, then supplementing the gap as needed.

  • When you begin, use 1/4 scoop and slowly increase to 1 scoop over a few weeks. Increasing when you feel your digestive system is adjusting well enough to do so. There is no rush to get to 1 scoop; adding it too fast can promote intestinal gas, abdominal bloating, and cramping.

  • Add the Fiber GDX to a cup/tumbler/shaker bottle with at least 8 ounces of water/ juice/favorite beverage, then shake or stir vigorously.

  • Be sure to stay hydrated while increasing your fiber intake. Fiber binds with water.

  • If you are Intermittent Fasting, taking the Fiber GDX only during your eating window is recommended as it has calories and stevia.

Fun Fact about our Fiber GDX and Skin Boost Collagen!

For a tasty treat, combine the Fiber GDX with the Skin Boost Collagen Acai Lemonade and consume together. Dr. Haver and many of the Galveston Diet team combine the two! It can help thin out the Fiber and dilute the sweetness of the collagen ~ win, win!

Why does my Fiber become thick and gel-like?

As soluble fiber dissolves, it creates a gel that may improve digestion in several ways. If you want to know more about soluble and insoluble fiber, this article by Healthline is a great resource. If you have a challenging time consuming the fiber, try one or all of these recommendations:

  • Use a shaker bottle to help quickly break up the fiber; continue adding water and shake as needed as you consume.

  • Add 12+ ounces of water to help dilute the fiber; continue adding water and shake/stir as needed.

  • Combine with our Sparkle Skin Boost Collagen - Acai Lemonade flavor - for a tasty treat! 

Please help; my Fiber GDX measuring scoop is missing!

We are so sorry to hear this! Manufacturing hiccups happen, and a measuring scoop is skipped occasionally. No worries! We don't want you to skip a beat, so one full scoop of the Fiber GDX equals one tablespoon. When you get the chance, please notify us at shop@galvestondiet.com and let us know about your missing scoop.

Read more from Dr. Haver's blog - Use the Power of Fiber to Decrease Symptoms from Menopause.

OMEGA-3 with Vitamin D & K

Can I take all four capsules at the same time?

Yes. You can take 2, two times a day, or you can take four once a day.

Does the Omega-3 contain Shellfish?

Our Omega-3 supplement contains sardines that aren't shellfish but contain a protein similar to shellfish. We recommend consulting with your medical provider before starting any new supplements if you have concerns. 

Is 4,000 IU too much Vitamin D?

The Omega-3 with Vitamin D and Vitamin K includes 4,000 IU of Vitamin D, which is the upper limit of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) that is safe to consume.

Most people are deficient in Vitamin D and require more than the average RDA of 600 IU. This can be particularly important for women in peri-menopause and menopause. Having this conversation with your medical provider, who can test you for any deficiency and prescribe you the proper Vitamin D dosage specific to your situation, is essential. Please seek your provider's advice for any questions or concerns.

Read more from Dr. Haver in her blog Omega-3, Vitamin D3 & K2: Partners in Health


Will the Sparkle Skin Boost Collagen Break my fast?

Yes. The collagen has calories and protein and will break your fast and likely negate the benefits of the fast. It is recommended to consume the supplement during your eating window to maintain the integrity of your fasting window.

How do I take the Sparkle Skin Boost Collagen?

There are several ways to consume the Skin Boost Collagen, including combining it with our Fiber GDX. Here are some simple suggestions: 

  • Pour one scoop of Skin Boost Plus into a glass of water and stir.
  • Best done with room temperature water, then chill afterward with ice.
  • Blend into Smoothies: Add to your smoothie preparation before you blend.
  • With Tea: Skin Boost Plus' light flavor notes complement many teas.
  • Collagen can be added to hot or cold beverages. Mix one scoop into your cuppa, and enjoy!
  • Mix with Yogurt. Collagen can be added to food too! To add Skin Boost Plus to your yogurt, add one scoop, then mix well. Then add the yogurt to your morning bowl.

Is the Skin Boost Collagen vegan?

No. It is bovine-derived collagen that is 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised.

What is Verisol?

Verisol is bioactive collagen peptides clinically proven to boost the skin's collagen levels by up to 60%. In a double-blind, controlled study amongst over 100 women, after 4-6 weeks of taking VERISOL daily, they experienced more evened skin surface and visible reduction in fine lines around the eyes. Contains 5,000 mg of Gelita Verisol.

Read more from Dr. Haver in her blog, Recommended Supplements for Menopause.


Why is black pepper included with Turmeric?

While black pepper has multiple benefits, its most significant benefit may be its ability to boost the absorption of curcumin. For more information: Why Turmeric and Black Pepper is a Powerful Combination.

Read more from Dr. Haver in her blog, Turmeric & Menopause Relief.